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Flexible & Reliable Service Offerings Customized for your Club

Front Desk

This intuitive web-based module provides all the functions necessary to automate the front desk in your facility. With the click of a mouse, you can check in a member, sell an item at point-ofsale, add a guest or prospect, enroll a member in a class, view appointments and clock an employee in or out.

Data Entry

The Data Entry module is the central location for all information pertinent to your club. It stores all data relating to members, products, employees, banks and groups.

Management Dashboards

The Management Dashboard is a real-time Web interface that provides important statistical data regarding your club’s performance. Examples include membership sales, member attrition, prospect conversions and billing projections.

Employee Self-Service

Smart club managers provide their staff with the latest tools to increase productivity. The Employee Dashboard provides your employees with access to important data such as hours worked, sales tracking, appointment alerts and certification expiration dates.

No matter how basic or complex your environment is,
our sales consultants will be sure to determine what best
fits the needs of your operation.”
Billing Matrix

Our billing feature is designed to simplify the member billing process for you so you can concentrate on more important tasks and watch your fee income increase dramatically. This automated phone dialing system delivers customized phone messages to select members or prospects. It can be used for marketing purposes or to simply communicate important


The Configuration module allows you to set up your software to meet the needs of your health club. Examples of items you can configure include membership types, billing cycles, hardware, invoice categories, permission settings and payment categories.


Schedule any activity or group in your club, including your managers, trainers, courts, tanning beds and more. You can create calendars for all sorts of uses in your club, each with its own start and stop time. With the click of a mouse, you can print calendars of events, activities or employee schedules.


Our reporting module provides a window into the performance of your club. You can choose from a list of standard reports or create your own using the “Memorized Reports” feature.

My Account

Empower your members by providing them with online access to their information. Members with an Internet connection can access their account online to obtain financial information, review payment history, make payments, communicate with the
club and make requests to change account information. Put your members in charge of their account and allow your

Workout Partner

Workout Partner tracks member workouts, prints progress reports and graphically displays results. Trainers can set up muscle groups, exercises and workout templates to quickly and easily tailor specialized workout prescriptions for each member.


The Collections module allows you to efficiently manage past due members and collect dues in a timely fashion through a systematic follow-up plan. The effectiveness of this system will pay dividends in faster payments, better tracking and increased cash flow.

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