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Jonas Fitness partners bring specialized experience to help design and build a true all-in-one software solution for your health club. With our partners, we deliver industry solutions, seamless connectivity, and market leading functionality.

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Jonas Fitness connects its customers to the best technology and services in the marketplace. In addition to our own native technology, Jonas develops and maintains an extensive library of web services that allows for integration with more than two dozen best-of-breed software companies. Our ability to seamlessly combine Jonas technology with an ever growing ecosystem of partner companies, gives our customers the flexibility to adapt to the needs of a changing marketplace while maintaining the dependability and ease of use that are the hallmarks of the Jonas software suite.


Trainingym's mission is to help the world be more active. Their solution for helps members reach their goals, improve their motivation, track their fitness evolution and increase their satisfaction.

Trainingym focuses on three key pillars to gym success: Loyalty, Captivation and Productivity. With tools for everyone in the club from management to staff to members, Trainingym is the go-to solution for improving your results.

Welld Health

Welld delivers proven wellness programs backed by verified health data through connected fitness trackers and devices. With Welld Health, you’ll have the resources and tracking tools necessary to administer in-club and virtual programs and to measure their success. With a powerful online program portal, you and your members have on-demand access to a full suite of virtual tools, including: integration with most popular fitness devices, a personalized dashboard where participants can view their progress in real time, a full library of educational content, and programming resources that include goal setting and challenges.


HigherVisibility is the proven digital marketing agency and ideal partner to help you drive new membership sales with targeted and tailored SEO, PPC, and social media campaigns. Other agencies tout their ability to improve their clients' search engine rankings and website traffic, but HigherVisibility takes additional measures to improve the odds of actually converting those online visitors into leads, and those leads into new members.

Promotion Vault

Promotion Vault is the best in class digital incentive platform for enterprise marketing programs, nationwide. A marketing consulting company specializing in the full-service distribution of eGift card promotional incentives, they provide the infrastructure and consultation to drive revenue, and boost your bottom line.


Virtuagym's personal trainer software augments the conventional trainer-client relationship by giving clients a platform on which to train virtually and receive feedback, while giving trainers added flexibility and a greater breadth of reach. With the added flexibility, trainers are able to increase their client-base without having to sacrifice keeping their clients accountable and motivated; on the other hand, clients gain the added confidence and strength to stick to it, so to speak, which means happier, more committed members in the long run.


GymCloud creates web-based personal training management software equipped with tools designed to help personal trainers create training plans, track client progress, and improve client-trainer rapport. With GymCloud, trainers can help more clients get better results while doing surprisingly little marginal work themselves.


CampSite offers an innovative and easy-to-use web-based system for managing every aspect of your summer camp. With decades of experience in both designing software and running camps, CampSite knows what it takes to make operations more efficient. From camper lead and enrollment management, to billing and financial analysis, to staff recruiting and alumni tracking, CampSite is your one-stop-shop for all of your camp management needs.

Vector Wellness

Vector Wellness provides the tools and information needed to review and report on progress made against the baseline, apply lessons learned and drive the organization wellness level to ever increasing heights in a single, easy to use platform.

First Credit Services

First Credit Services, Inc. (FCS) provides business process outsourcing, accounts receivable management, and debt collection services to business partners in a wide range of industries, including health and fitness, healthcare, auto finance, government services, and commercial business.

Focusing on customer service and retention, FCS's expert staff can handle your collection process as representatives of your club, so your members don't feel like they're being hounded by aggressive third-party debt collectors.


Smart Fitness provides an interactive website with all the education a health club staff would need to become trained in their perspective roles within the health club. The platform can also assist in advancing the careers of the health club staff by offering an education continuum that allows individuals to grow into other departments within the club.


Opiniion is a business-empowering marketing platform that generates authentic online reviews and private negative feedback from your customers. Integrating with hundreds of CRM and POS systems, Opiniion works in the background to get your customers talking.


Netpulse is the #1 provider of custom-branded mobile apps that engage members, drive revenue, and integrate deeply with the club's most important technology solutions. Industry leaders such as Gold's Gym, Retro Fitness and Equinox leverage Netpulse's mobile solutions in clubs all over the world

Members Today

MembersToday is a a full service direct marketing and direct mail company that specializes in servicing fitness, health clubs, martial arts studios, and tanning salons. Our staff of industry experts is dedicated to helping your business attract and retain new members through targeted direct mail, internet/web marketing, and guerrilla marketing campaigns.


KidCheck provides full-featured, easy-to-use children's check-in software and equipment solutions that improve child security, streamline the check-in process and create a positive parent and visitor experience.


FitShare is a fitness technology company that provides health clubs with new ways to connect with their members via a points based rewards system.


FitnessBI combines the data from all of your management applications into a centralized Analytics Dashboard; letting you know exactly where you should direct your efforts.

Fitness Interactive Experience

Founded on the belief that all aspects of life are enhanced by a healthy lifestyle, FIX develops high quality, interactive games that promote health and daily activity in a fun, socially connected environment.


FitMetrix is a software platform that gives everyone exercising at gyms and studios the ability monitor and track their exercise performance data including heart rate, calories, speed, power, distance and RPM in a gym and studio setting. Connecting with BOTH chest straps and wrist devices, the system captures real-time data during any workout session and provides detailed post-workout summaries for users to track their progress.


From pre-hire to retire, ClubPay streamlines operations with a custom suite of outsourced HR and Payroll solutions configured to meet your club management needs.

H2 Wellness

H2Wellness delivers digital health systems that help you extend your reach and capture new markets. Whether your goal is to improve retention, sales, compliance or outcomes, h2wellness can dramatically improve your goals through advanced digital health solutions.

Multipass ID

MultipassID helps businesses improve operational efficiencies and lower costs. Their integrated, synchronization services leverage existing, international standards based technologies to create powerful solutions in applications as varied as Senior Living, Fitness Clubs and multi-purpose sports complexes.


Authentic8 is the premier supplier of customised RFID cards, keyfobs and RFID wristbands (EasyBands), as well as barcode & magstripe plastic cards and keytags for use with any type of software system.


IDlink is a consulting and software developing company specialized in designing and developing automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) solutions based on RFID and barcode technology. Established in 2008, we were born with the vision and conviction that Auto-ID technologies will change the way companies do business, and the way the physical world interacts with the digital world.

VFP - Visual Fitness Planner

Visual Fitness Planner (VFP) creates customized sales systems that enable health clubs to identify, modify, and adapt sales processes utilizing our exclusive sales analytics dashboard.  VFP’s suite of technology modules transforms your sales systems.  Our modules include a new Interactive Member Journey and our industry leading presentation system…along with the VFP Fit Day app which allows your customers and fitness team to communicate in real time – anytime!

In Touch

InTouch is a leading provider of member lifecycle management solutions designed specifically for the health and fitness industry. InTouch’s proven solution is used by over 800 health clubs in 11 countries. InTouch's lead acquisition, conversion and member engagement solutions combine with our detailed data analytics software to provide actionable insights to club owners and management.

Gym Sales

Designed by club operators with over 30 years of combined experience and developed by IT experts using the latest technology, GymSales gives staff and operators the tools needed to implement and monitor a proactive sales strategy.

Club OS

Club OS is an all-in-one health club platform. It's built to be fully customizable and allows all types of business models to be configured within.


Perkville is a leading customer loyalty program in the health and fitness, retail, spa and salon space. Through readymade integrations with POS systems and extensive API integrations, Perkville automatically rewards your customers for checking in, driving referrals, generating social media, and spending money. Perkville allows businesses large and small to create a custom automated loyalty program in minutes.

Gym Farm

GymFarm provides a quick and seamless transition that will utilize your current equipment into a connected fitness experience for your members and provide staff and facilities operators the analytics needed to grow and further understand members and their habits.


MiGym is a leading provider of custom branded mobile apps for the fitness business industry. Intuitive in-app member features, and integrated business-growth tools, empower fitness businesses of all kinds to elevate their members’ fitness experience, facilitate membership sales, and strengthen member retention.

Retention Management

Retention Management has the tools clubs want to motivate their members, helping them build stronger relationships so they stay members longer. Utilizing automated email, member feedback management, social media, and nutrition planning, we offer practical retention solutions for any size club.


Textmunication provides cutting-edge mobile marketing solutions to help you reach current and new customers, boost sales and increase the bottom line. With a powerful yet intuitive suite of services, you are able to reach more customers faster and fine-tune your mobile advertising to achieve the best results.


MotionVibe is an integrated social fitness network that creates value for both businesses and consumers within the fitness technology space. Believing in "active" consumer-engagement, MotionVibe delivers meaningful member engagement and analytics solutions to leading health & fitness clubs and FITsumers in the U.S. and Canada.

Listen 360

Listen360 enables businesses to engage customers, take action to improve deficiencies, and transform delighted customers into brand advocates via social media, online review sites, and Google seller ratings through a powerful, NPS-based customer engagement and local marketing platform.

Falling Up

Falling Up Media is a Phoenix based Internet Marketing company with expertise in Website Design, WordPress Development, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Management, Local Lead Generation and Social Media. FallingUp uses a variety of targeted techniques to help you reach this goal, by creating attractive website design’s and deploying effective SEO and Internet Marketing plans.


MXM is the Medallia Operational Customer Experience Management software for the fitness industry. Our software combines 14 years of global leadership in CEM technology through Medallia, 37 years experience in health club operations, and 7 years of fitness-specific customer experience management operations.


Medallia turns customer feedback into great companies. We capture feedback everywhere your customers are, connect it to everything else you know about them, and deliver insights and action in real-time. This allows your employees to make smarter, more informed daily decisions so you can deliver better business results.

TRP - The Retention People

The Retention People (TRP) are the leading providers of customer experience management software and solutions to the leisure industry. We believe that business success comes from creating raving fans and delighting customers – and that is what we help our own clients deliver to their members.


MembersFirst delivers the industry's premier end-to-end technology solution by combining expert website design, development and consultancy services with a complete set of tools to power content management, email marketing, social networking, search engine services, mobile marketing, reservations and club management.

97 Display

97 Display is an internet marketing agency that creates martial arts and fitness websites for businesses to help them grow their student and member counts.

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