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Jonas Fitness partners bring specialized experience to help design and build a true all-in-one software solution for your health club. With our partners, we deliver industry solutions, seamless connectivity, and market leading functionality.

Sister Companies

Jonas Fitness partners with market leaders across mobile, big data and customer retention. Together, we deliver transformational outcomes for our clients, opening new revenue channels, creating better customer and employee experiences and driving operational effectiveness.

Nutrition Complete

Country: Global

Nutritional meal planning software to help your club members achieve their dietary goals


Country: United States & Canada

Custom-branded mobile apps built for the fitness industry. Features include: Personal and sharable class schedules, membership cards, class booking, member chat, and much much more.


Country: Global

Leading researchers in customer retention.

Customer Retention

Member loyalty, retention program for gymson and communication with members. Based on a simple premise: companies could leverage the power of the internet to improve the experience they deliver to their customers.

Jim Thomas

Jim Thomas is the well-known founder and president of Fitness Management USA, Inc., a management consulting and turnaround firm specializing in the fitness and health club industry.


Country: Global

Leading member loyalty and retention program for gyms.


Hundreds of the world’s best-loved brands trust Medallia Experience Cloud™, a software-as-a-service platform, to help them capture feedback everywhere their customers are (on the phone, in store, online, mobile), understand it in real-time, and deliver insights and action—from the C-suite to the frontline—to improve their performance. This methodology empowers your employees to make smarter, more informed daily decisions so they can deliver better customer experiences. Through our software, companies can build more loyal customer relationships, grow faster, reduce costs, and improve corporate culture.


Textmunication is an online mobile SMS marketing platform service provider that helps health and fitness clubs communicate more effectively with their members.

Technology Partners

Creating an application network requires a wide array of technologies with out of the box solutions. Amplify the value of your application network by leveraging our partners to help you move at the speed of business.


GANTNER is the leading international manufacturer of high-value, innovative and lasting system solutions in the areas of identification, access control and settlement for increased efficiency, organization, convenience and safety.

InTouch Follow-Up

InTouch Follow-Up sales and retention software helps health clubs to generate and capture leads, proactively reach out to them, then sell more memberships and personal training.

TIBCO Loyalty Lab®

Country: Global

TIBCO Loyalty Lab® is a leading provider of loyalty platform technology and services to marketers worldwide.


ClubOS – Headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, Club OS offers a cloud-based health club management system for businesses of all shapes and sizes.


The fitRewards Points Program, allows registered users to accumulate points through activities determined by the Club. Points accumulated in the Program are non- transferable to other users or accounts and have no cash or monetary value unless explicitly stated otherwise by the Club.


MembersFirst empowers private clubs & associations with user-friendly digital tools, concierge-level support, and agency services to acquire, engage, and retain members.

97 Display

97 Display is an Internet Marketing agency that partners with Jonas Fitness to create websites for fitness businesses to help them grow their memberships.

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