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Compete is everchanging and we want to make sure you know what features are being added and what is being updated at all times. Check out all of the recent product updates coming to your Compete product.

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Simplified Class Enrollment: Lock Down Member-Change Field

Enroll the right person, the first time, every time.

We have tweaked the user workflow to prevent member change or look up since the member is already identified when clicking Classes from Checkin. This is to solidify and prevent the user from looking someone else up instead of the member.

(Available in upcoming Compete release on July 2017)

Simplified Class Enrollment: Standby Workflow

Simpler is always better. We have tweaked the workflow and experience for classes selected that result in standby to allow the user to remain on the class selection screen. This will allow the user to pick a different class for the member since the previously selected class was full, or allow the user to click, cancel and return to the check-in screen.

(Available in upcoming Compete release on July 2017)

Listing of Classes Report Now Available

The NEW Listing of Classes report is now available in Front Desk. (Available in upcoming July 2017 release) How to access this report: Reports > Products > Classes > Listings Listing of Classes Report in Compete

Use Legacy Membership Type in Net Agreement Report

Agreement data is now always at your fingertips. When running this report in the past, the legacy information would be changed if the member has had a Membership Type change. Prior to this change, members were labeled and grouped by their current membership type as is at the time of the report was run – not based on the date range configured by the user. The new code stores the default membership type assigned to the member at the time of the sale with the agreement table. This will allow the report to use what is stored historically, not use the membership type automatically. This update will NOT affect past information but will begin to store info with the agreement on all upcoming sales as of the update. Woohoo! (Available in upcoming Compete release in July 2017)

[COG] Edit Fee Items During Agreement Sale

You now have “Edit of Fee’ functionality. (Available in upcoming Compete release in July 2017) How to do this: If you’re utilizing Compete ‘On the Go’ New Agreements > Plan Builder Edit Fee Items in COG

Designate Head of Household When Enrolling Family Members

The Head of Household designation field was missing in the ‘Add Family Member’ enrollment form in Agreement sales of Compete. Functionality has been added to flag a new member who is primary on any new agreement as HoH. We’ve also added functionality to carry HoH settings forward but allow edit of this flag during enrollment of any existing records, primary or family member. HOH flag will become very important in the new MSS. HoH members will be able to manage family members while in MSS. More than one family member may be set as HoH, and members without HoH credentials can only log in and manage themselves when in MSS. (Available in upcoming Compete release in July 2017) Head of Household - Family Agreements

Add Class Filter to Compete Reports by Instructor

We’ve beefed up class reporting. Now, these reports will be able to filter on specific class products. Reports include: List by Instructor, Listing, Class Calendar and Attendance by Member are now filterable.(Available in upcoming Compete release in July 2017) How to do this: Reports > Products > Classes > List by Instructor Add Class Filter by Instructor

Simplified Class Enrollment Form

Class enrollment just got simpler! A 50% reduction in clicks. The Front Desk Check-in > Classes button allows the user to complete the enrollment for a member in as few as 4 clicks, rather than the previous 9 clicks. Hooray for simplification! (Available in upcoming Compete release in July 2017)

View Change Request History in Front Desk

Streamline your time. Empower your Front Desk employees.

 A new button on the Front Desk Check-in screen gives you the power to view your Change Request history if the user has access to the Front Desk, Check-in or Member Info screen. The new Change Request History button will be available in the upcoming Compete release in July 2017. Change Request in Compete

Batch Add Training Counts Report Now Available

Compete Reports allow you to get instant metrics and analytics into your club’s performance. Batch Add Training Counts will be accessible through Front Desk Reports in the upcoming Compete release. Go to Reports > Products > Classes
Batch Add Training Counts Compete
New Feature in Compete Release
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