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What is member Billing Services (MBS)?

Member Billing Services (MBS) is an affordable program provided by Jonas Fitness, Inc. that combines three critical areas of membership management – innovative software, highly-skilled back-office staff, and a convenient member services center.

MBS allows your club to focus on the day-to-day tasks of running your business so you can get back to what matters most; servicing your member’s needs.

You're in Charge

Local control is essential for you to manage your club effectively. Under your direction, we manage your data, giving you more time to manage your club. You decide how much or how little interaction you have with our staff. Real-time information at the club means you don't have to download or update your club's database. Instead, new contracts, additional services, visits, local club charges, and member changes are in the system immediately. Plus, you own the data – it's local, accessible, and yours.

It's Interactive

Member Management Services from Jonas Fitness provides all of the benefits of in-house software and the advantages of outsourcing your billing. The difference is that you always know what is happening with your members. Member changes, payments, and notes are immediately visible in your system. You'll never have to wonder if a member has been contacted or worry about a member's status. Your club has up-to-the-second access to all information. In addition, our experts perform due diligence billing research and inform you of important data trends or issues they uncover.

Reporting made easy

Club management, billing, and reporting all reside harmoniously in our software, making reporting and financial accountability easy and dependable for you and your club. Receive automated monthly summaries, or view your corporate dashboard for up-to-the-minute daily business reports to stay up to date on your club's billing.

Collect, Save, & Keep More

Member Management Services from Jonas Fitness are affordable. Our professional staff can manage all billing processes for you at a lower cost than hiring your own staff. In addition, since we are running your billing process for you, all funds are settled directly into your account (not ours), providing quicker access to your money. While our MBS service helps you collect more, our streamlined processing puts your funds (including decline fees) in your account within two business days or less.

Aaron Pineda,
FlexFit Gym President

Jonas Fitness is more than just club management software. You get a whole team to leverage, from dedicated billing specialists to a call center to help with member management.

Other key benefits of MBS

Data Management

Our staff handles the
database and performs all
billing related operations; your
funds are deposited directly
to your account.

1-800 Call Center

Your members have access to
our dedicated 1-800 member
services support center, where
we handle calls regarding
changes, freezes, cancellations,
and general member

Automated Decline Notifications

Keep your members
informed to the status of
their account with automated
decline SMS text and email

Member Communication

We communicate with your members by utilizing various tools, including automated phone calls, Interactive Voice Responses (IVR) that allows them to make payments and update their billing FOP over the phone, CC Expiration Date email reminders, managing member statements, and Membership Renewal emails.

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