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See how Compete® Club Management Software has helped businesses like yours.
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Sandy Crutcher
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Bytes and Biceps Podcast

Uncover the secrets to a 99% collectability rate in our first podcast episode as we interview Paul Reed, owner of Mt. Hood Athletic Club.

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We’re always improving Jonas Fitness products based on customer feedback. We make many small improvements regularly, but here’s a note of the main features we’re working on next.

Stages of Development

This feature is currently in the planning stages. During this stage, teams and resources are assessed and solutions to the update are proposed.

Once the planning stage has completed, teams begin working towards the proposed plan presented during the previous Sprint Review.

When a majority of work is completed towards a feature, the Beta stage begins. The Beta stage includes regression testing and small-scale roll-outs of our developed features.

After successful regression testing and beta updates have been pushed to sampled audiences, our release is made live to all clients.

Development that will continuously be done to ensure the performance of our software. This includes bug fixes, Voice of the Customer (VOC) work, and quality-of-life fixes.

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Empower M.E. - Ability to View Member Statements

Enabling members to have access to their monthly billing statements.

Tags:  Roadmap Tag-Compete Roadmap Tag-EME

Empower M.E. - Access to Member Barcodes

Enabling members to have easy access to their barcodes for checking-in to clubs, via the EME dashboard.

Tags:  Roadmap Tag-EME

API - Get Appointments

Integrators can now leverage this call to retrieve bulk Appointment Information based on Occurrence Start Date. Date range limit of 31 days.

Tags:  Roadmap Tag-Compete Roadmap Tag-API

Updating EME Login Information Dissemination for New Club Members

Updating the login information dissemination process for new members created by streamlining it and making it more secure.

Tags:  Roadmap Tag-EME

API Enhancement - Cancel Classes and Courses

Integrators can provide members with the ability to cancel classes and courses they are enrolled in.

Tags:  Roadmap Tag-Compete Roadmap Tag-API

Empower M.E. - Ability to Add Barcodes to Digital Wallets

Enabling members access to their barcodes via digital wallets.

Tags:  Roadmap Tag-EME

Payments - Convenience Fee

Ability to allow clubs to charge a convenience fee to their members.

Tags:  Roadmap Tag-Compete

Customer Feedback Analysis and Issue Resolution

Continued work on Voice of the Customer requests and work towards making our platforms bug free.

Tags:  Roadmap Tag-VOC Roadmap Tag-Bugs

Recently Completed

Payments - Integration with WorldPay Express, triPOS

Integrating i4 with a faster payment gateway that makes Point-of-Sale a better experience.

Tags:  Roadmap Tag-i4

Integration - Passport Technologies - 24/7 Door Access

Platform integration with a hardware partner to help simplify and optimize member access, by implementing a door and gate access control process.

Tags:  Roadmap Tag-Compete Roadmap Tag-API

Integration - Critical Impact - Email Design & Communication

Simplify e-mail and SMS marketing by delivering dynamic newsletters, targeted marketing messages and surveys with increased effectiveness.

Tags:  Roadmap Tag-Compete Roadmap Tag-API

Integration - 4Global - Business Intelligence Reporting

Club Operators can now make data driven decisions and enhance their club’s performance using the 4GLOBAL’s ‘Biz Insight’ module.

Tags:  Roadmap Tag-Compete Roadmap Tag-API

WorldPay Express for EME, JOL, APIs, and COG

(contd. till Q1 2023) Integrating our products with a faster payment gateway that makes Point-of-Sale a better experience.

Tags:  Roadmap Tag-Compete Roadmap Tag-EME Roadmap Tag-JOL Roadmap Tag-COG Roadmap Tag-API

Integration - Gleantap - Intelligent Customer Engagement

Automate marketing and sales activities to convert more leads to members by using the Gleantap CRM integrated right into the Compete platform.

Tags:  Roadmap Tag-Compete Roadmap Tag-API

Guest Enrollment

Ability for an individual to self enroll as a Guest in a club, with access to Empower-Me on enrollment. They can add up to 10 family members from the same form.

Tags:  Roadmap Tag-EME Roadmap Tag-JOL

API Enhancements

Check-In: Gives integrators the ability to build member check-in experiences via web, mobile apps, and kiosks.

Get-stored-bank-accounts: Fetch a list of stored bank accounts for a given member.

Get-membership-plans, Get-membership-plan-details: Fetch a list of membership plans and its details filtered based on search criteria.

Search-members: Ability to search for members based on search criteria.

Guest Pass Validation: Added guest pass validation to check-in alerts.

Tags:  Roadmap Tag-Compete Roadmap Tag-API

PCI Point-to-Point Encryption Compliance

A P2PE Solution cryptographically protects member financial data in compliance with PCI Standards.

Tags:  Roadmap Tag-i4

Data Center Update and Optimization

Upgradation of the i4 data center to increase application performance and enhance user experience.

Tags:  Roadmap Tag-i4

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