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Jonas Fitness and Critical Impact Partner to Innovate the Fitness Industry with New Solution

Jonas Fitness Inc. and Critical Impact have formed a strategic partnership to create "Connect2," a groundbreaking solution set to reshape the fitness industry, emphasizing innovation and growth for fitness facilities in the digital era.

WEBSTER, Texas – September 18, 2023 – In a strategic partnership to drive innovation in the fitness industry, Jonas Fitness Inc., a leading fitness software and billing service provider, has joined forces with Critical Impact, a dynamic leader in email and SMS marketing solutions. Together, they have created a new solution called Connect2 powered by Critical Impact. 

Jonas Fitness Inc. brings over 30 years of experience as a trusted gym management software provider dedicated to building long-term client relationships and delivering software, billing, and service solutions. 

Based in the United States, Jonas Fitness Inc. has delivered comprehensive club management software to health, wellness, and fitness facilities throughout North America for over 30 years. With a strong focus on cultivating long-term relationships with club operators, Jonas Fitness Inc. strives to effectively meet their software, billing, and service needs. By offering a suite of integrations that seamlessly connect to their flagship product, Compete Club Management Software, Clubs can tailor their experience to best suit their business model. With a powerful array of tools that enhance operational efficiency, drive business growth, and elevate the member experience, Compete has powered thousands of gyms and clubs successfully. 

Critical Impact, founded in 2009, is dedicated to simplifying the complex world of email and SMS marketing. The company’s innovative email marketing technology empowers marketers to deliver dynamic newsletters, targeted marketing messages, surveys, and text messages with increased effectiveness. Critical Impact’s feature-rich digital marketing software perfectly balances ease of use, sophistication, and affordability. 

Key features of Critical Impact’s offerings include: 

  • Marketing Automation: Build visual step-by-step email workflows with times and decision points.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Drag and drop message assembly, schedule and manage messages easily, and A/B testing across multiple devices. 
  • Reports and Analytics: 40+ real-time tracking reports provide actionable insight for optimizing email campaign performance and ROI. 
  • Subscriber Scoring: Use data-driven algorithms to identify subscribers most likely to engage and purchase. 
  • Advanced List Management: Effectively manage your email and SMS lists to engage and target your audience more effectively. 
  • Seamless Integration: Connect2 integrates with Jonas Fitness’ flagship Club Management Software, Compete.


Both Jonas Fitness Inc. and Critical Impact operate under the PYXiS Software Group, a portfolio group within Jonas Software Group, a subsidiary of Constellation Software Inc (TSX:CSU), an international provider of market-leading software with revenues of over $5 billion and 30,000+ employees across the globe. This strategic alignment allows them to leverage their combined strengths to revolutionize the fitness industry. 

This strategic partnership between Jonas Fitness Inc. and Critical Impact represents a commitment to consistent growth and product innovation. As Connect2 powered by Critical Impact takes shape, the fitness industry can anticipate groundbreaking solutions that empower clubs and fitness facilities to thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape. 

Tony Autin, President of Jonas Fitness Inc., commented on the partnership, stating, “Our collaboration with Critical Impact exemplifies our dedication to delivering exceptional value to our clients. We are excited to embark on this journey together to shape the future of fitness management.” 

Critical Impact’s Growth Team Leader, Jim Gibbs added that the partnership has “increased not only the visibility of our product and brand, but also speaks to our commitment to our customer experience. We see this partnership as fostering innovation through the exchange of ideas and perspectives, driving mutual growth and competitiveness in the market.” 

This strategic partnership between Jonas Fitness Inc. and Critical Impact allows club operators to leverage Connect 2, an industry-leading marketing and SMS solution to grow their audiences, boost their sales, and automate their efforts. 


About Jonas Fitness:

Jonas Fitness ( is the industry-leading provider of integrated club management software and managed billing services that have helped solve business challenges, improve member experience, and provide continued innovation for many of the industry’s top facilities. Jonas Fitness is ideal for any fitness facility with best-in-class software, proven customer support, and an extensive library of integrations. Jonas Fitness, a subsidiary of the Jonas Software family of companies, benefits from an association of over 20 other brands serving the club, fitness, and sports markets, and today, leverages that deep industry expertise with their offerings.


About Critical Impact:

Critical Impact ( is a leading email and SMS marketing solutions provider, empowering businesses to engage with their audience effectively. Focusing on innovation and results, Critical Impact helps clients build meaningful connections, boost customer loyalty, and achieve exceptional marketing outcomes.


For media inquiries, please contact:
Christian Menard

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