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See how Compete® Club Management Software has helped businesses like yours.
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Jonas Fitness and Textmunication Mobile Marketing Are Partnering

WEBSTER, Texas June 4, 2015 Jonas Fitness, a leader in gym and facility management software and Textmunication (OTCBB:TXHD), a leader in mobile marketing communications have partnered with a unique software integration solution. Health clubs, fitness centers and variety of industries, including golf and private club, fitness, sports and leisure using JONAS’s online management software can now generate new member leads and communicate via automated SMS alerts to current members.

  • Automated lead generation
  • Automated health tip alerts
  • Automated new member alerts
  • Automated cancellation alerts
  • Automated birthday alerts
  • Automated reminders for renewals
  • Automated Personal Training reminders
  • Automated Prospects follow ups

Health clubs and studios now have the ability to instantly communicate with their members through their own integrated JONAS/TXHD account. JONAS clients will gain instant control of member’s communication and marketing engagement capabilities. In addition, members who have not worked out for several weeks can get reminders, and members can receive incentive offers for family and friend referrals.

Textmunication’s customized mobile solution is deployed and used by brands such as Gold’s Gym, Worlds Gym, Fitness 19, Anytime fitness, Crunch, UFC and many more club organizations. “The benefit of SMS marketing and communication is the most powerful way to communicate with our client’s members. This is a huge time-saver for club and studio owners and will increase member retention, referrals and new leads,” said Wais Asefi, CEO at Textmunication.

About Jonas Fitness:

Jonas Fitness, Inc. was created from the acquisition of the software, clients, billing services and other assets of Club Solutions by Fiserv, Inc.

Jonas Software, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise management software and billing solutions to a variety of industries, including golf and private club, fitness, sports and leisure, attractions, foodservice, construction and many more.

Jonas Software has over 25,000 customers in more than 15 countries worldwide. The continued Jonas focus is on creating long term relationships with our clients and ensuring that we meet and exceed their software, billing and service needs.

Jonas Fitness vision is to be the branded global leader in fitness software and billing services. We strive every day to be recognized by customers and industry stakeholders as a trusted provider of “Software For Life” and as an ambassador for technology, product innovation, quality, and customer service.

Whether your gym is in need of an enterprise fitness management software solution, a provider of credit card or ACH processing services, or an outsourced partner to handle full-service billing and member services, Jonas Fitness has solutions that will boost the operational efficiencies of your health club and improve your bottom-line.

About Textmunication Mobile Marketing:

Textmunication is an online mobile marketing platform service provider that helps health clubs and martial arts studios communicate with their members by allowing them to build loyalty, engage member retention, and create new business through a non-intrusive, value added medium. Textmunication connects members to the content they desire through any mobile device for health clubs and studio events, as well as promotions. Clients can send the most up-to-date offers, discounts, member alerts, events, PT schedules, or any other personalized campaign.

Solutions for Health Clubs, Gyms & Fitness Centers
New Sales:Member Communication, Retention
1.  New Lead Inquiries (i.e. Text FITNESS to 87365 for a FREE Trial)1.  Fitness & nutritional tips
2.  New member alerts2.  Class updates & schedules
3.  Sales Appointment Reminders3.  Event info, calendars & invites
4.  Referral alerts or Referral program alerts4.  Happy B-Day Alerts
5.  Website & social media integration5.  Sleeping Giant alerts
6.  Mobile Tours, videos and testimonials6.  Updates & announcements
Inside Sales:Operations:
1.  Family add on alerts1.  Billing Alerts & declines
2.  Upgrade alerts2.  Cancellation alerts
3.  Retail and supplement alerts3.  Surveys/feedback
4.  Membership renewal alerts4.  Appointment reminders (PT or sales)
5.  Personal training promotions5.  Membership renewal reminders
6.  Member appreciation alerts6.  Mobile Application downloads
 7.  Missed guest alerts

Copyright © 2015 Textmunication Holdings, Inc. All rights reserved. All other product or company names mentioned are used for identification purposes only and may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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