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See how Compete® Club Management Software has helped businesses like yours.
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Release 7.34


PCI Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) Security Now Available

What is P2PE?

P2PE is a technology standard designed to ensure the security of electronic financial transactions. It was developed by a consortium of major payment-processing companies and is the strongest security available. In this model, the credit card number of a card holder is never in the clear at any point during a transaction. From the moment the card is entered into the P2PE certified reader, that information is encrypted. JFI is the first in our industry to offer P2PE compliance mode.

If your location is interested in P2PE security, please contact your Account Manager.

For the nerdy details, please see below:

The Nerdy Details

In Compete this is called compliance mode and any credit card information passed from a certified P2PE device, is saved as an Omni token. The token will be passed via an API call along with the Network Transaction Id. If saved FOP is being used for the first time the Network Transaction Id will be requested. Upon successful use of saved Omni token as the FOP in the transaction the Network Transaction ID will be captured. This Network Transaction ID will be passed and rotated for each successful transaction. This creates a chain of transaction history to show to the card networks that the credit card was authorized to be used which reduces the merchant’s exposure to chargebacks.

When compliance mode is engaged, user input screens will not allow the entry of any credit card information from any entry method other than P2PE certified SREDKey or EMV devices.

The following screens reflect this restriction when in compliance mode:

  • Front Desk / Back Office | Take Payment
  • Front Desk | Point Of Sale – Card on File
  • Front Desk | Point Of Sale – Credit Card
  • Front Desk | Change Request | Credit Memo
  • Front Desk | Agreements | New Agreement | Member Info | Responsibility tab
  • Front Desk | Change Request | Billing | Form of Payment tab | Edit button
  • Back Office | Browse Members | Member Information | Billing Tab | Add and Edit Payment Info Screen
  • Back Office | Browse Members | Member Information | Account Status | Add Invoice | Payment tab
  • Back Office | Browse Members | Member Information | Account Status | Credit Memo
  • Back Office | Agreements | Manage Agreements

Empower M.E. Enhancements

Add view details button has been added to the account history area

To view the details of a document on the account history table, a details button has been added to the first column and the existing link on the transaction id has been removed. When members are viewing from a mobile device the details button is on the bottom of each transaction line.

Show Password functionality Added to login password field

EME password fields now have the eye functionality that will allow a user to unmask their password to view what has been typed.

Modal font size has been increased in EME

The modal font sizes in EME have been increased to 16 pixels to make the text easier to read.

Resolved Issues:

Note: These issues may not affect your club.
  • Compete: Automatic Gate – Gate duration issue has been resolved.
  • Join Online (JOL)
    • Age restriction message for plans including feature plans and marketing text for feature plan will always display in black font.
  • Empower ME (EME)
    • Manage Payment Methods – Add Bank Account/Credit Card is not giving errors.
    • Pay Balance with saved card or new card with save option is not giving an error.
    • Date of Birth (DOB) for family member now display as expected.
  • Compete on the Go (COG)
    • Join Online (JOL) Admin – promo plan setup will now accept February 29th for leap year.
  • Employee Self Service (ESS)
    • Member Directory, Edit No longer generates an error.
  • Compete Front Desk
    • Class unenrollment email to instructor now includes the name of member and date of enrolled class.
    • Change Request Credit Memo Tax amount is now included in transactions.
    • Change Request: Credit Memo Negative payment and invoice are not added when credit card transaction is declined.
    • Able to update class substitute correctly.
    • Check in – Configuration setting (Always prompt for activity on regular, attended, check-in) is turn off, will not allow the employee to check-in appointments
  • Front Desk | Bookings
    • Exception is working as expected without errors when clicked on the calendar or drag and drop the exception.
  • Compete Front Desk | Agreements
    • When adding a new member, the source and referral fields that are required are now recognize correctly.
    • When modifying an agreement in FD, if the secondary member’s name is checked to remove, the check in the checkbox is staying correctly.
    • User can complete the agreement sale without errors when clearing trainer during the agreement sale.
    • User is not able to complete the agreement process without entering the mandatory “Referred By”, and “Referral date” fields.
    • When a user clicks on “Try Again” it will now not creating a duplicate agreement and transaction.
  • Compete Back Office | AdHoc Reporting
    • Members | Agreements – If a Terms agreement is voided and has an expiration date in the past, Ad Hoc now shows the approval status as ‘Voided’.
  • Compete Back Office | Configuration | Corporate | Billing information
    • Module does not give error when selecting to cancel the confirmation prompt.
  • Compete Back Office | Billing
    • EFT Reports | Billing Event Summary – The extra blank columns have been removed from the report. Also added was the billing description column in the export version.
    • Statements in Compete are now printing correctly.
  • Compete Back Office | Data Entry
    • Browse Members – Add and edit FOP for a member now functions correctly.

Important Note about End of Support for Microsoft® Windows 7, 8, and 8.1

Microsoft will no longer issue security patches and officially end support of Windows® 8 and 8.1 on January 10, 2023. As a result, after our upcoming Winter release, Compete® will no longer be able to properly run on machines using Windows® 7, 8, or 8.1.

As a reminder, unsupported software is at risk for security weaknesses and vulnerabilities. For your club to remain PCI compliant, Jonas Fitness recommends upgrading to one of the supported operating systems listed in the Compete® System Requirements available on our Customer Portal.

Jonas Fitness will try to assist with any problem Compete® compatibility issues that may be encountered while using Windows® 8 and 8.1; however, due to the lack of support from Microsoft, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to correct all issues.

Don’t hesitate to contact our Software Support team for more information about upgrading your workstations.

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