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Compete 7.35 Product Updates Release Video

Learn about the latest changes, improvements, and additions coming to Compete.

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See how Compete® Club Management Software has helped businesses like yours.
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Compete 7.35 Product Updates Release Video

Learn about the latest changes, improvements, and additions happening to Compete. 

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Release 7.35


Guest Enrollment

The ability for an individual to self-enroll as a Guest in a club, with access to Empower-Me on enrollment. They can add up to 10 family members from the same form.

Compete Enhancements

Front Desk
  • When a user makes a change request to add the member ID to the online login field, it is now saved as expected.
  • Users can now view the details of the cash payments made without receiving an error.
  • Nursery Monitor is now notifying end users when members do not have access to Nursery on an active agreement.
  • When pulling up a Rewrite Agreement in the Front Desk, it will now reflect the correct member status.
  • Agreement Renewal Plans can sell to members when another membership plan is accessed for viewing.
Back Office
  • Users are now able to add secondary members in COG enrollment without any error.
  • Users can now edit the EME restriction time on a training product without error and save it correctly. Error Message “Another User Has Made Changes, and These Changes Cannot Be Saved” on every member record that is attempted to update has been corrected.
  • When running the Members by Salesperson report, the status column now reports the correct status for each member.
  • In the Billing Comparison by Club report, the expected value in the ‘% Change’ column is now reporting correctly with other values in the report.
  • When running the Visit Remaining Report, users can now tag the services they need and generate the report without error.
  • Users can now run Member Check-in Reports for a specific date without issues.
  • When running the Class Instructor Commissions report with a substitute instructor selected, the report returns the correct information.
  • Users can now run Agreement Billing Audit Report successfully without the time-out error.
  • When you drag and drop an appointment or overlap the existing appointment, the system will not allow the appointment to be double booked.
  • The check-in button on book view is now enabled when employee security access is enabled to allow this function.

New API Partners


Gleantap is a complete customer engagement platform with built-in CRM to automate your marketing & sales and turn more leads to members & members to fans. It’s your business’s cheat code for turning more leads to customers and customers to fans & promoters using data & intelligent engagement. Our avg client adds $158k per year in bottom-line revenue and drops customer attrition by 15%.


4Global has become a world-leading sports data and services company. Their expertise lies in leveraging data to drive intelligent decision-making in the sports and leisure sector. Through their innovative DataHub, which tracks the activities of millions of users through billions of data points daily, 4Global provides valuable business intelligence tools for club operators.

This collaboration allows Jonas Fitness Inc. to offer their customers access to 4Global’s ‘Biz Insight’ module, a powerful tool that draws on benchmarks and insights derived from their extensive worldwide DataHub. Club owners and operators can leverage these timely, accurate, and actionable business insights to enhance operational efficiencies, effectively manage resources, maximize return on investment, and uncover new revenue opportunities.


We’re excited to announce our new and improved email and SMS messaging platform, Connnect2 powered by Critical Impact. Connect2 gives you the ability to improve your customer relationships and engagement with an easy-to-use platform. Automate your marketing workflows, monitor your campaigns with analytics, segment your lists with ease, and perform a/b testing to discover messaging that resonates best with your audience. With Connect2, you can connect with your members like never before.

Passport Technologies

Passport Technologies is an integrated manufacturer and supplier of electronic automatic identification products and services based in Richmond, Quebec.

With over 15 years experience in the automatic identification and industrial electronics industries, we offer state-of-the-art solutions designed to help businesses improve their operations and security while reducing fraud.

Whether you are looking to install a fully integrated access management system or a single turnstile, Passport Technologies has the products and the expertise to improve the access management of your operations as well as the front reception experience of your members.


Note: These issues may not affect your club.
  • Members by Salesperson Report Status Column Blank
  • Check In Button Grayed Out in Bookings and Requires Re-Login
  • EME Information field in the BO is not always auto populating in a new member’s accounts with their Member ID
  • Message Pops ‘Another User Has Made Changes and These Changes Cannot Be Saved’ On Every Member Record They Attempt’
  • Customer, Cash payments error every time when clicking on the Details button. 
  • Payments By Type Report
  • Nursery Monitor – Not Notifying if Members don’t have Unlimited Childcare Service on Active Agreement Needing to Pay
  • Visits Remaining Report
  • Agreement – Quick Search, pulls up incorrect member status of “Terminate”, using Rewrite Module.
  • Agreement Renewal Window Date Changes
  • Expected value in ‘%’ column is inconsistent with other values in billing comparison report
  • Unable to run Member Check-in Report for a specific date
  • Double bookings through EME
  • Class Instructor Commissions report not returning correct information
  • COG member enrollment – error when adding an existing member record as a secondary member
  • Training Product Error
  • Agreement Billing Audit Report Time Out

WorldPay Ends Their ISO Solution; JFI Creates a PAYFAC Solution in Response

Over a year ago, WorldPay, our Payment Gateway provider, announced that they would discontinue their ISO Payment Processing Method by the end of 2023. This change was out of our control and would result in real-time payments no longer being available to businesses still on their ISO Payment Processing Method. To avoid disrupting your business’s processing capabilities, the Jonas Fitness team has been hard at work problem-solving, developing, and implementing a new solution for over a year now. We are excited to announce the creation of our PAYFAC processing solution. This PAYFAC processing solution will allow businesses to continue to process payments as usual AND would result in added benefits such as enhanced reporting, faster & more reliable transactions, and increased security.

For over a year, we have carefully moved clients to the Payment (PAYFAC) Model, and we are now offering your business the option to make the switch. To avoid disrupting our customers’ cash flow, we aim to move all our clients over to our PAYFAC solution by October 31, 2023.

All existing EMV Terminals under the ISO model must be upgraded to PAYFAC-compatible devices. To avoid any potential back order issues to our EMV inventory, Jonas Fitness has a contingency inventory stored and ready to ship.

Changing to the PAYFAC model is a smooth process through which the Jonas Fitness team will assist you. Beat the rush and contact us today to start the process and reserve your PAYFAC-compatible EMV Credit Card Terminals. Gets a Facelift

Our Marketing team has been hard at work on creating the new Jonas Fitness website. It is now easier than ever to find Jonas Fitness content, such as:

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