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See how Compete® Club Management Software has helped businesses like yours.
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2023 Our Year in Review

Because your club deserves the best club management software available, we strive to consistently identify new ways to innovate and improve our software solutions at Jonas Fitness. As a result, our software must continuously improve and adapt to the needs of the industry.

We believe it’s essential to be open, upfront, and transparent with how we’re improving our software. With this Year In Review, we’ll highlight all of the features and enhancements we’ve provided throughout the year and touch on some of the current long-term projects we’re actively working on.


Compete Releases


Along with a list of updates and enhancements, our 7.34 Release of Compete brought the second phase of our Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) solution and the completion of our AWS Cloud Migration.

Key Highlights

Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) Phase 2: P2PE is the strongest security available for payment processing. This second phase implemented our new Compliance Mode. When compliance mode is engaged, user input screens will not allow the entry of any credit card information from any entry method other than P2PE-certified SREDKey or EMV devices.

AWS Cloud Migration: With the completion of our Compete AWS Cloud Migration, our customers will benefit from faster speeds, a more reliable connection, and greater scalability. And with the power of edge locations, we can get data closer to our clients, increase fault tolerance and redundancies across multiple servers in geographically distinct areas, and leverage AWS’s machine learning algorithm to efficiently scale our resources in near-real-time.





Our 7.35 Release of Compete brought one of the most highly requested features to Compete: Guest Enrollment. Additionally, this release introduced our PAYFAC model and completed development work to strengthen our Channel Partner Ecosystem.

Key Highlights

Guest Enrollment: An individual can self-enroll as a Guest in a club, with access to Empower M.E., member portal. They can add up to 10 family members from the same form.

PAYFAC Solution: Over a year ago, WorldPay, our Payment Gateway provider, announced that they would discontinue their ISO Payment Processing Method by the end of 2023. This change was out of our control and would result in real-time payments no longer being available to businesses still on their ISO Payment Processing Method. To avoid disrupting our customers’ processing capabilities, our Jonas Fitness team spent over a year problem-solving, developing, and implementing our new PAYFAC solution. This PAYFAC processing solution allows businesses to continue to process payments as usual AND results in added benefits such as enhanced reporting, faster and more reliable transactions, and increased security.


Our Compete Club Management Software experienced a transformative year with impactful releases and enhancements. From core functionalities to quality-of-life enhancements, we diligently updated and introduced new features, ensuring that Compete remains at the forefront of innovation. For a comprehensive overview of all the latest updates, connect with your Client Success Manager or visit



Software Integrations

Jonas Fitness develops and maintains an extensive library of API Integration Partners. We call this our Channel Partner Ecosystem. Our ability to seamlessly combine our software with an ever-expanding ecosystem of partners gives our customers the flexibility to adapt to the needs of a rapidly changing marketplace and the freedom to decide which solutions work best with their business model.

Our team was committed to bringing several new partners to our ecosystem in 2023. After our teams completed the necessary development work, we were able to add four new partners, each bringing new functionalities to our customers.

Gleantap: the all-in-one customer engagement platform with a built-in CRM designed to automate marketing and sales for the health and fitness industry. Effortlessly convert and retain more members with intelligent engagement through personalized messaging, precise segmentation, and AI-driven insights.

4GLOBAL: A renowned business intelligence and reporting company, 4GLOBAL aims to empower businesses with advanced insights and analytics. Instantly access strategic data, save time, and make informed decisions with ready-to-view dashboards. Their Datahub tracks millions of international data points and facilitates integration across multiple business sectors, ensuring your club operates at peak performance.

Connect2 powered by Critical Impact: Connect2 is the ultimate marketing and SMS solution tailored to meet the unique needs of health, wellness, and fitness facilities. Developed through a strategic partnership between Jonas Fitness Inc. and Critical Impact, Connect2 is your gateway to advancing your club with cutting-edge marketing features.

Passport Technologies: With their cutting-edge Wave Passport System, clubs can access advanced RFID technology to simplify and secure access control. Explore key tags, cards, RFID devices, readers, barriers, turnstiles, and excellent support to elevate your access experience.

Jonas Fitness’ extensive library of integrations offers a variety of solutions and adds increased functionality to Compete. If you’re interested in implementing any of our new integration partners to your club or would like to learn more about what solutions are available, contact your Client Success Manager or visit



Development Roadmap

We’re always improving our Jonas Fitness products based on customer feedback, market trends, intended functionality, and user experience. While we continually push minor improvements on a regular basis, it’s essential to keep our customers informed on the status of key features and functionalities. So, we created a public Development Roadmap. Our roadmap is a comprehensive guide to ongoing projects, their current statuses, and a comprehensive list of successfully completed tasks. With a commitment to transparency, our roadmap is a testament to our dedication to refining and expanding our offerings. In 2023, we completed many key items and began work on several others. For a complete list of our 2023 development work, click here.

To stay informed about our current and future initiatives, visit Your active engagement with our roadmap fuels our progress, and we invite you to be an integral part of our developmental process.



New Website

Embarking on a journey of enhanced customer engagement and transparency, we proudly unveiled our new website earlier this year. With user experience in mind, our primary goal was to empower our valued customers with seamless access to a wealth of information about our endeavors. Navigating this site is designed to be intuitive, ensuring effortless exploration and discovery. With dedicated sections such as a Channel Partner catalog, dynamic blog, detailed software release notes, a development roadmap overview, engaging podcasts, a comprehensive video library, and a reimagined knowledge hub, we’ve curated a digital space where you can delve into the heart of our company’s progress, culture, and content. This website overhaul marks a pivotal step in our ongoing mission to bridge the gap between our work, our products, and your understanding of our solutions, providing unprecedented insights and resources at your fingertips.


Sneak Peek

Dive into the future with an exclusive sneak peek at game-changing features and revolutionary products currently in the works behind the scenes. Though still in the early stages of development, our teams have been hard at work throughout 2023, laying the groundwork for these exciting innovations. This teaser offers a glimpse into what’s on the horizon, showcasing our commitment to pushing boundaries and crafting the next chapter of industry excellence. Stay tuned for updates on these groundbreaking initiatives as we continue to shape the future of Jonas Fitness.

IRIS AI Chatbot: Businesses around the globe are harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence to streamline their operations, make better, more informed decisions, and create solutions to complex problems. At JFI, we’re leveraging this technology to create IRIS AI, an interactive chatbot that can answer almost any question about our flagship product, Compete. Now, all of our customers can streamline their training and become Compete superusers with the help of artificial intelligence!

Join Online Revamp: Join Online is getting a makeover! Recognizing the evolving landscape of fitness technology, we are meticulously crafting a redesign that goes beyond aesthetics, promising a seamless and modernized user experience. The future of Join Online is not just about a new look; it’s about a cohesive and intuitive interface that seamlessly integrates with your fitness facility operations. Get ready to experience the next level of user-friendly design as we redefine the Join Online experience, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with the innovation you expect from Jonas Fitness.

Element by Jonas | Check-In Module: As we chart the course for the future of fitness management, Element by Jonas is a central focus for our team in the coming years. Imagine a seamlessly connected ecosystem shaping the way fitness facilities operate. In this exciting journey, we’re delighted to present a sneak peek into the heartbeat of Element — its check-in module. Engineered for unparalleled speed, this module promises to revolutionize your club’s check-in process, providing instant access to critical information at your fingertips.


We hope you enjoyed this high-level overview of all the added features, enhancements, and functionalities we developed this year. For a detailed look at the work we accomplished this year, be sure to download Jonas Fitness’ official 2023 Year in Review publication. We have a lot of exciting things we’re working towards, and this year’s progress is a testament to that hard work. We look forward to continuing the momentum we generated this year to propel ourselves to even bigger things next year.


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